Friday, 26 June 2009

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Do times really change?

This is my little introduction to myself on my Myspace page, which i havent checked for about 2 years, and which i created about 3 years ago:

"Where do i start?! As im in my uni library, ill start there. Im just finishin my university degree in International Tourism Managment at the University of Gloucestershire. Yes it is as dull as it sounds. Uni life has been brilliant, lots of ups and downs, more ups though, and ive met some fantastic people along the way. After ive finished here, who knows what beholds me, but ill grasp it with both hands whatever happens. Im from Telford, again, as dull as it sounds, but have done a bit of travelling, which really whet my appetitie for some more!! Think one day i want to settle down in Sydney, best place ever! And live by the sea i reckon! Friends and family are the most important thing to me, laughing and smilin are my favourite things to do, and if i can do it with a beer in hand to a quality tune, im a happy boy!"

Its a strange feeling looking back at this, having known whats happened to me in the not to distant past. I'd like to think ive still "grasped everything with both hands" and that i still "laugh and smile" all the time.

Although the last 3 lines are most important, and ring more true than ever.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Luka has Man Boobs.

Of all the different landmarks in my babies life i could use to reinvigorate my blog, i think the emergence of his man boobs or "moobs" as theyre known in the Brollyworks, is tantamount to perfection.

My Little Man is a fucking superstar. I couldnt imagine having a happier, smilier and more beautiful baby than i have. He's ace. And also kinda large. If you could see my biceps, or "guns" as I and Vikki Kennedy like to call them, you'd be impressed. There large. Luka is larger. I dont think its a surprise he's a big baby, im not exaclty Alan Wright, and Esther is tall for a girly, so Luka is just following suit. (If anything it at least proves he's mine. Yay!)

Luka Jack Aston Faulkner went from this:

To this:

To this:

The bed is pretty fucking big, so Luka, is now this (according to Aaronio, more on him later!) :

Luka, Modric, Helmut, The Tank. A boy with so many names.

Its hard to write the blog now without just going on tangents and waxing lyrical about how incredible he is. Because he is. But i know my faithful readers (?!?!) dont want that. I can't help however that he is thee single most amazing and fundamental thing to ever happen to me. And i include Villa's 5-1 victory over Blouse, winning Risk 3 times in a row, and being triumphant in Team Spoon Pro League 2 in that statement. He's that cool.

For many many reasons. His smile will literally melt your heart. Its incredibly naieve, and innocent and the sort of smile that you want to try and make happen again and again. His laughter is infectious. The silliest things will make him chuckle for minutes, to the point where you have no idea what he's laughing about. The clothes he wears, although we choose them, just make him look so incredibly small, and young and totally dependent on us to make sure he survives the day, and with eternal hope, a smile on his face. This is my favourite top of his:

We bought it for him at San Diego Zoo. Happy days!

In terms of the lessons ive learned in being a Papa so far, to be totally honest, i havent really learned any. Im completely and utterly winging it on a daily basis.

I've never known tiredness like this. Its gotten to the point where Esther thinks we dont feel tired anymore, as were past the stage of that. This kid just doesnt sleep. Whether its because he's gotten so big that "Labbe's 5* Boobage Milkage" isnt enough for him, or he just loves our company so much he wants to stay awake, he will sleep perhaps an hour at a time, day or night, before he wakes up and demands a tit in his mouth. What a fucking life.

In terms of taking in the evening delights that Birmingham has to offer, we are suffering on that basis. Momma F has started to come round on a more regular basis to babysit, but its going to be a slow process as Luka is so used to having one of Esther or I around. We are going to have a weekend in Telford a month, one night in, then one night with the boys so we can at least get out together for a bit.

Its hard, and does put strain on a relationship that is really still in its infancy as well, but when you have something so incredible to focus your energies on, the rest just kinda blurs into the background.

His hours spent in aeroplanes has dropped dramatically recently. Since Esther and Luka came back from Koblenz on December 30th, there have been zero flights to get on or off. It has been quite strange having them back for this concerted period of time, but i love every second. Things are hard for Esther sometimes. I think she gets very bored at home sometimes with Luka, and has taken to finding us a new home, with a garden, nearer my work as her project, (if she reads this: I love the Brollyworks and dont want to move, unless you find something A-Ma-Zing!), but she is dealing with everything that has been thrown at her last year in her stride with her and is focussed on being the bestest Mama she can be for Luka. She rocks.

Work is mental at the moment, my college has an Internal Inspection looming for this Monday, and an Ofsted one coming up, but i love every second of it. The students can be brilliant, or the opposite of that, but its a brilliant way to spend the day and im so glad i made this decision. God its better than the fucking box of doom I was working in last year. Holy Moly it is.

I am also totally chuffed at how my brothers have taken on being Uncles, and how Momma F has embraced being a wrinkly old Grandma. They've all been brilliant and love the newest member of the Faulkner clan more than i could ever have hoped, which helps lots. I do hope that my friends get to spend more time with him, as there very important to me, and I want him to grow up knowing who they are. Aaronio came round last weekend with his girly, and they were both utterly surprisingly amazing with him! Aaron has never professed to having any paternal desire, nor instinct, but he was brilliant with The Tank, which was aceness to see. Top stuff budmate!

In that comes my farewell, i hope for not as long as last time. But i feel my blog is not as fun anymore, which sucks, but since he got here i havent had to visit any rubbish waiting rooms, wait for any waters to break or read any rubbish books about aliens.

Thus life has got better.

Seeya later Alligator.

Don Simon.

Monday, 19 January 2009

5 months, 13 days, and a few minutes later...

Just to set the scene:

  1. Esther is watching Prison Break and eating Toblerone.
  2. Luka, having some "nakey time" just pissed on his brand new Snowman blanky, and is shaking his tamborine like Liam.
  3. I'm supposed to be marking my group of BTEC National Certificates work, but am blogging instead.
  4. History FC and Everton are drawing 0-0 at half time. Very tense.

Its been quite a while since I last added to Luka's Bedtime Reading, for many reasons i think. The main one being busy-ness. Not bad busy-ness per se, just don't have as much time as I used to.

This is all i can add for now, as i do have work to do, but i hope this has whet your appetite for a full catch up of Luka's Bedtime Reading over the weekend.


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A Selection of Luka's travels: Illuminated on the Big Screen....

Not strictly "Luka" yet, but from small acorns, and massive tummies...
This is in Lucca, Italy. Had a small part to play in his name.

Hot car, Long journey, Uncomfortable seat, and Sneezes.
Just can't catch a break.
Backseat of a Chrylser en route from Las Vegas to San Diego.

Who needs Liam Gallagher? All about the King and I.
Las Vegas i think. Maybe San Diego.

Boob. Tastes the same in every Continent.
This is Munich.

Girls? More hair than I? Fuck off.
Also Munich.

I think he looks ridiculously bored here.
Like he would much rather be rocking out to the new Oasis album with his Papa.

The Bavarian family Luka lived with in Munich.
I know, i know.

2 months old, 4 Countries, 3 Continents, 1 Baby.

Yep, thats right.

As of the 6th of October, on Luka Jack Faulkner's 2 month birthday, he had been to 3 continents. Thats quite an impressive record for an adult, never mind a little guy who makes loads of noise, poo's lots and screams more.

But its important to me that he's a free spirit. Some of my best times were spent living out of a backpack, not knowing where the next day will take me. I fully understand that at 56 days young he wont have any recollection of what the fuck is going on, but you kinda hope that seeing different places, different sunsets and wildly different people will somehow seep into his psyche and make him want to explore as much as possible.

I loved travelling around California with him. The American's seem to be especially friendly when it comes to babies - although no-one wanted to know his name, just how old he was. Kinda strange. I said to one particularly vociferous couple that he was 2 years old, just a slow developer. They walked off without reply.

From the extreme of having him with me every single day, 24 hours, and being a part of everything he did, to not having him around for, what will be, 3 weeks, has been an incredibly challenging transition.

For those that don't know, Luka has gone with Esther to Germany, and then onto Turkey to meet his Mama's family. As they speak zero English I can say this safe in the knowledge they wont see it - I pity the little guy. I would not fancy that little expedition one little bit. They don't speak English, and I speak zero Deusche. It's just plain awkward.

The flat has felt very very empty without him. A little like all the colour, noise and exuberance has been taken with him. As much as i'm trying my very best to exert some life into my beautiful abode, its just not the same without Master Faulkner (and Miss Labbe of course!).

Which is really strange. As when people have asked what it's like to be a Parent, I haven't really felt like i had the right to answer. Because i dont feel like a Parent. I feel like a guy that does his utmost to stop a tiny little blob like person stop crying. I imagine / hope that when he reaches the age where Esther and I have to make decisions about his future, i.e. when we inevitably move to Germany, or his Schooling etc etc, that I will then feel like I am the person that models the Little Guy he will become.

As for now, its damage limitation.

They are back on Monday, so expect a blog about me moaning about no sleep, the flat smelling of nappies, and me pining for a life of lie-ins, pot pourri and Saturday afternoon football.


Don Simon.

ps: Apologies about the lack of anything of any substance in this blog, just a boring rant really.

pps: I've just booked a pre-crimbo trip to Hamburg! Christmas markets and snow and beer. £30 flights if anyone fancies it....

Sunday, 21 September 2008

And then there was one...

Esther and Luka have today flown the coop to Munich / Bodrum / Cologne for 3 weeks.

Therefore tonight may be my first nights slepp in 6 weeks.

Wonder what the odds are on a 0300 wake up hearing imaginery screaming, going to get a dummy from the Steriliser and rolling over to see if Baby is ok.

Fuck. Me. Being a Parent is a 24hr job. Even when they're not here....